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                                      HIS NAME IS SKY… & HE MAKES HIS VIOLIN SING

Passing by Rundle Mall one misty spring afternoon in 2015, I was drawn by this marvelous string music that was coming from the center of the mall. I just took a break from work for a jiffy to buy a card and something else at the shops. I turned back to the mall and I came across a very professionally dressed up musician, violin in hand, busking in the middle of the mall. A green banner stood next to him. “Sky’s Music” it said. And it told of Sky’s passion for street performance.

“At the age of fourteen, I had applied to study violin with a conservatory of music. In the end, it was my small and short left little finger that had sealed the fate of this application. So was my dream of being a violinist dashed.

However, I cannot live a life without violin as its beautiful sound has already resided in my heart and its amazing soul been circulating in my blood. My passion for violin playing might be compared to one’s addiction to drug. To me, playing violin is like being with my angel. I enjoy it either after my work, at my free time or even in my dream.

Seeing no hope to train me as a professional violinist, my family had no incentive to spend that money on me for a private violin teacher. Since my father (a hospital president) had introduced me into the violin-playing world, I have always been relying on my own efforts and also on the inspiration from God to teach myself on violin playing. My first job was a classic Chinese dance performer. This job had given me the honour to perform at the top stages in Japan and in China and also earned me the applause.

After my retirement from dance performing, I became a hairdresser. I had joined these show competitions and more often had served those star performers and actors on the stage. Understandably, stage performance holds no mystery for me. Neither it is my dream to play violin on the stage. I feel contented if I can play violin each day. This is the first reason why I am passionate for my street performance.

The second reason for this passion is my feeling of closeness to my audience during my street performance- a direct contact between the music and the ordinary people. To put it that way, if the applause is a kind of rites and courtesy in the music hall, this is not the case with the street performance. Any applause in the latter must be audience’s spontaneous response from their stirred hearts. In the street performance, I not only can revel in the total absorption of my own performance and of my pursuit of the music world, but also can experience the sincere acceptance and the spontaneous applause.

Being well aware I would never be a top violinist in my life, my goal is to be a popular violinist loved by the ordinary people like you. I sincerely wish that I would have your kind of support.

If any of you find a piece of beautiful or inspiring music, please let me know.

Thank you.”