"Hope In Colours' is a program initially intended for refugee  women and  elderly migrant women who find difficulty in adjustment to their  new life and environment.   In the case of refugee women, there are many of them who  went through traumatic experience of losing their homes, families, relatives, friends. Many  fled their villages for their lives. Whether they came as refugees or as immigrants,  most were  educated and have been employed but have had to  relocate.  Many were forced to leave for their own survival. Others lived in refugee camps for years and were either victims or witnesses of horror and trauma.  Arriving to a new culture and environment, they are confronted with new challenges that make it difficult for them to adjust.  A booklet   released  by the Australian government on a study on refugee cases  stated "...difficulties can lead to a sense of isolation and difficulty in building security and social networks. Immigrants who have been separated from family and friends in their own country may find themselves with little personal support Many may feel isolated in their own homes, with little connection to others and limited opportunity to improve their personal situation.”

To address the aforementioned kind of social issue of isolation, we planned  a mode of communicative- healing through the use of arts. The program will have participants being guided towards their self-creativity. This is to encourage them to utilize the universality of art as a language in expressing themselves. The program will provide a pathway for participants to establish relationships with people and facilitate a reason for inter-connection and inter-communication.

In the course of developing the program, we came to discover that  isolation and marginalization are not limited to newly arrived settlers.  The technological advancement have created a new different world  for the elderly - men and women -  who, owing to the fast  technologicalization of the world in general,  suddenly found themselves estranged. Many of them fell away from the community pulse and gradually cloistered  themselves to the old and familiar. In isolation.

It is for this reason that  this program "HOPE IN COLOURS" came about.  It is a healing-through-the-arts-program for ISOLATED women, elderly, refugees and new settlers from ethnic  background.

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This is an Art and Craft Story Telling Project.   Participants will be given an initial crash course on the project – the work process is the most vital element of this Art and craft project. They will be encouraged to free their thoughts and express themselves with the use of creative colour play, doodling, drawing. They will be told to use the colours and create forms freely and in any way they please. All their efforts, experimentations and discoveries will be put towards one goal - to create a finished work. They will continue on the colour play until they decide that what’s on canvas is the finished work.

The theme will be: “MY LIFE IN MY HANDS ” During the creation of the art work, photos of the art-in-the- making will be taken while it is in progress. These photos will be shown alongside the finished product in an exhibition. A follow-through program will be compiling these into a book which will contain a blurb about each of the participants. Each participant’s blurb will be included as accompanying text to the picture of their artwork. Each participant will also be guided to write a brief comment about herself in her own language and this will be translated and included in the book. - Finger-Hand Painting using acrylic - Drawing in pencil - Paper or Thread-art

This is a sample finished project:


"My Life In My Hands" (Hand painting narrative)

THE ART WORK  (Sample Project)




INDIO advocates for social justice, human rights and environment protection.  Through its director, INDIO has advocated for Overseas Filipino Workers  (OFWS) to organizations and relevant offices of the  Philippine government  for  responses to  various needs.  It has provided guidance and information to OFWs who sought assistance and support.  INDIO continues its initiative to keep abreast with  current issues that are of relevance to the welfare of ethnic and indigenous communities, social justice and and human rights.  Check the advocacy page and email us what you think.



INDIO has embarked  on a number of community-service  programs and other Ethnic-focused projects.  In order to sustain   the drives,  we  received donated art work that are  being auctioned off or are being sold under the  “ART FOR A CAUSE”  under this site.  
All  sales proceeds go  into implementation of  the lined-up projects of INDIO.

Art project - "HOPE IN COLOURS"  aims to bring together women who, are soc ially isolated,  disenfranchised or circumstantially excluded,  marginalized or are newly arrived immigrants  or refugees who are in the process of settling in. About the latter, while they might have gone through various orientation programs upon their arrival, it is worth noting that adjustment can take a long time and transition into a different way of life and different environment is stressful and socially intimidating. Through this art project, they will have an avenue to inter-act and exchange notes and ideas with others. It will also help bolster their sense of purpose, self-esteem and sense of belonging. Art is proven to have therapeutic impact and is now often used in conjunction with other treatments. The creative process of art- making helps improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well being of individuals of all ages; creative self expression through art making involving colours, forms and shapes based on remembered grand emotions and experiences through stages of life.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?   You can help by purchasing an art work or  making a donation.

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