INDIO aims to create a craft industry that showcases the tribal weave design of the old art of                                              Sadanga backstrap weaving.

Meet our weavers


Faing Lubas behind her loom.


Carolyn Gameng Torafing



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Puray Kabfilan


Sample weavings











1. Asterisk with human figure Star & M 50 X 29 Large  260 gms

2.  Asterisk Star and figurine combination with asterisk XL 50 X 29   260 gms

3.   Asterisk with M med 50 X 29    260 gms

4.   X and Diamond Design small 50 X 29     260 gms

5.   Double M Star- figurine combination with asterisk med 50 X 29    260 gms


Other products such as tapestries, table runners, table cloths and placemats will  soon be available.