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Welcome to our Workshed-On-Line

Here we seek some essence.

Here we look into a deeper meaning of art; other than the joy of creating it.

We do it too for its own sake.

In this site, we offer some artwork to sell.

All proceeds will go to the causes of INDIO (Indigenous Nationals Development & Integration Organisation).

Please help us help others who have less in life.

Check out the galleries - gallery 1, gallery 2  and browse through the offered art work.  Purchase an artwork or a print and provide work for elderly tribal women weavers in the Cordillera hinterland  in the Philippines.  Every help will go a long way.  It will help us with  INDIO's programs including  the ongoing charity to  school children in marginalized and isolated ethnic areas in the  Cordilleras (Philippines).  It will help us continue with our programs to

Indigenous  Nationals Development and Integration Organisation Ltd

INDIO started in 2012 as a closed-association of friends coordinating and doing charity missions in economically marginalized remote areas in the Philippines.

As INDIO's programs became known, call outs for assistance were soon coming from socially isolated individuals who were far away from their homes. Using the social media for connection, INDIO was soon providing guidance and assistance to Overseas Filipino Workers who had little or no access to information that they need in conjunction with their status in other countries.

Today, INDIO continues to advocate relevant assistance for isolated and marginalized people, looking out for their interest and speaking on their behalf to relevant entities and organizations. INDIO has been extending assistance to victims of calamities in various parts of the world in partnership with Caritas, Red Cross, Save the Children, the Catholic Church and Mission organizations and other vulnerable non-profit organizations.

EDUCATION is a priority program of INDIO for the youth in the Philippines. INDIO advocates the use of distance education to many isolated villages in the Philippines and other nations. To encourage more proactive approach to learning and promote excellence in school performance and comprehension INDIO has been sponsoring essay and literary competitions for high school students in remote schools in the Cordilleras of the Philippines.



Every year, INDIO finds an unsuspecting person to send a gift of random kindness.

An orphaned teen-ager was surprised with a parcel and a Christmas cake on Christmas Day.

A surprise package was delivered to an unsuspecting grandmother who looks after a grandson with disability.

A young man with learning difficulty and physical disability was visited by kindly persons and was given parcels of garments.

There have been others who touched peoples' hearts and prompted us to send tokens of gratitude for inspiring us. There was once shy but talented writer who was not aware of how exceptional she was until she was forwarded a publication address that started her in a new direction.